Blog Post from the Archives: 

When I was younger, my Mom would have craft fairs in our house around the holidays. She taught my sister and I how to make hot cocoa mix, cinnamon candy, cinnamon rolls, ornaments, and all sorts of other fun goodies. She taught us how to package things so it would look good too. We would be in the kitchen late the night before the sale trying to finish the cinnamon rolls so they were fresh for the next day. It was always a struggle trying to get everything done and keep the house clean so people could come in and peruse without a powdered sugar bonus on their clothes.  

About 6 years ago, she bought an old theater building downtown, and fixed it up. The craft fairs moved out of the house and into the Grand. The items for sale started to include less baked goods and started to have more signs, t-shirts, and paintings Grandy painted. At that first sale we had one t-shirt design in two color options. I think it was that year that we had a Black Friday sale late in the evening and some good friends of ours "camped out" outside to be able to get in as soon as the doors opened.

 A couple years after that Mom bought a heat press and we suddenly had a t-shirt business. Between Mom, my sister, and I we had hundreds of designs. It was a frenzy for a while buying new vinyl and t-shirt colors, and then putting the designs on long sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweat pants, and whatever new fun style we could find. A friend from town joined us, as well as my sister-in-law in making all kinds of things from tees to house decor. Some sales were so busy it was hard to keep up. Others were slow and we had to amuse ourselves, but there were a lot of fun moments. 

Now as we begin a new year, change is in the air again. Change is always bitter sweet, but the best we can do is pray first and then go in the direction we have the most peace. Most of the girls had decided this was their last year.  Lord willing, I'm moving to Lubbock soon and will work for my brother this summer. I had originally planned to come back and open up on our sale days, but I have decided to move my part of the store online instead. So if you are in need of Happy gear, check out the shop section of the website or visit the Facebook page. I'm still planning on staying in the t-shirt business so let me know if you are needing something that is  not on the site!

A big thank you to all who have supported us over the years! We couldn't have made it this far without you! And thanks Mom for all you have taught me and  have done for me over the years! This business wouldn't have ever started without you.