I found a book by the title of Fabric to Dye for and totally fell in love with the colors she used and the whole process of dyeing fabric. If there is such a thing as color therapy that is exactly what this is for me.  So here is a peek at the process. 

Start by preparing the dye.

preparing the dye

Then mix colors together.

mixing the dye

Squish the dye into the fabric to make sure dye gets on all parts of it. 

squishing the dye

Seriously happy moments.

seriously happy

I mean even the trash looks pretty. 

even the trash is pretty

Squeeze out the excess dye.

rinsing out the dye

Ready for the rinse cycle.

ready to wash

The grand finale.

finished product

The type of fabric makes a big difference on how the dye reacts. 

more finished product

Now the biggest question is what all to make with this fabulous colors. I want to make everything and fabric hoard all at the same time. It makes super fun projects, but then the fabric is gone. I guess that is when the process starts once again.